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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kagaz Ke Phool

This is my small attempt in writing about a great movie.

I am into watching classics and right now I am enjoying the Guru Dutt's 6 classic movie pack. After writing my two words for Chaudhavin ka Chand, I am trying to write on another classic 'Kagaz Ke Phool'.

This 148 minute movie directed by Guru Dutt was a super flop at the box office at that time. As i read in wikipedia Dr Rajendra Prasad ( then President of India) walked out of the cinema hall offended. There were cases of stone pelting at few cinema halls also. These incidents demoralized Guru Dutt to a very large extent but he came back with a box office hit movie 'Chaudhavin ka Chand' and 'Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam' after Kagaz ke Phool. He never directed any movie after diaster of Kagaz ke Phool.It was only in late 70's and 80's this movie was given a status of cult classics in world cinema.


Suresh Sinha ( Guru Dutt) is a big director in bollywood now after giving a Hit movie Zordar. He is married to Geeta and they have a daughter named Pramilla. Getta and Suresh are living separately for the past 9 years as Geeta and her family doesn't approve of
bollywood line and think it as a demeaning to their status in society. Suresh goes to meet his daughter at her boarding where he is not allowed to met her as per orders from her mom. Suresh goes and confronts with his in-laws and nothing can be decided and they challenge him to go to court if he wants. He meets Shanti ( Wahida Rehman) and takes her as heroine in his next mega film. He start promoting her career and their relationship grows. Movie takes a turn when Pramilla meets Shanti and states to her that she is coming between her mother and father.
Shanti decides to leave the bollywood even though she had signed a seven year contract to do movies. This is second loss of Suresh Sinha, first one being loss of Geeta his wife. Pramilla grandfather's files a case against Suresh regarding custody of Pramilla. This is another loss of Guru Dutt and this breaks him, shatters him and devastates him. He starts drinking and looses interests in movie making. Will he come back will he get what he has lost ?...........Watch the movie !!!!!


Normally in movies we see action,emotion, drama, comedy etc but in this movie you will find pride, hope, overconfidence, pessimism, silent love, realism.
One may feel a deep sense of loss and may feel like leaving the movie in between but we should go beyond the loss factor and look for brilliance. Perhaps the movie came much before time as in 50's and even now we go to watch movie to enjoy and feel good not morose. This movie is all about loss and playing of Mhd Rafi's song ' dekhi jamane ki yaari' in the background heightens the sense of loss.
Are Dekhi Zamaane Ki Yaari
Matalab Ki Duniya Hai Saari
Bichhade Sabhee, Bichhade Sabhi Baari Baari
Kya le ke milen ab duniya se, Aansu ke siva kuch paas nahi
Ya phul hi phul the daaman men, Ya kaanton ki bhi aas nahi
Matalab Ki Duniya Hai Saari
Bichhade Sabhee, Bichhade Sabhi Baari Baari
Heavy movie is made lighter by Johny Walker, Though the role is not as comic as in Chaudvin Ka Chand which I wrote about earlier, but still he lightens up the mood by coming up at regular intervals.

Love between Shanti and Suresh is very beautifully depicted. Its silent and they convey their feelings for each other by regularly saying the dialogue "Hamne hamesha ek doosre ko samjha hai" This is not a dialogue but its conveying more depth here as compared to saying 'mein tumse pyar karta hoon'. Shanti is looking stunning just like in all other of her movies. She is a great actor and we are lucky to be seeing her in movies in 2009 also.

Suresh looses everything his daughter, his lover and he is mentally devastated now and has no interest in movies. His movies flops and this moment is captured magnificently. First (when Shanti is launched, her first movie)we will see the seen of a cinema hall jam packed and people applauding Suresh for his direction and in second half when he has lost all interest we will see the same cinema hall but now the feelings are different with Suresh crying, people rebuking and shouting him for making such a dud movie. This conveys the point which bollywood is all about 'every one salutes a rising sun.
Kagaz Ke Phool is persistent in its narration of Guru Dutt's tragedies and his acceptance of the same. One will wish that his tragedies may end and he should come back to his glory old days. And the climatic scenes of Guru Dutt will heighten the pain and sufferings.

Songs haunts me and you feel pained. S.D Burman Music and Kaifi Azmi's touching/haunting lyrics will follow you even after you have finished watching the movie. I had not listened many songs of Geeta Dutt but now i know why she is a legendary singer.

Finally, my 5 nutrients from the multigrain tetra pack called kagaz ke phool:
  1. A must watch for true movie fan.
  2. Watch it for it being released in the golden era of bollywood.
  3. Watch it for it being a highly intensive, thought provoking film.
  4. Though it was a commercial flop at that time but now its a cult classic.
  5. If the movie had been an hit it might have changed the course of bollywood.