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Monday, April 13, 2009

Straight (2009)

Here is a small review of movie which was lost somewhere in the heard of other movies.

Released on : 20th March
My Tagline: Delightful comedy
Starring: Vinay Pathak, Gul Panag, Siddharth Makkar, Anuj Choudhary and Rasik Dave and Ketki Dave.
Director: Parvati Balgopalan
Music Director : Sagar Desai
Lyrics : Subrat Sinha
Producer :Shripal Morakhia, Charlotte Wontner

Story's protagonist Vinay Pathak is having lots of apprehensions, confusion, fears about, is he a gay or a straight. Pinu Patel (Pathak) is running a successful restaurant GayLord in London , but the 30 year old is still a virgin. He reached close to loosing his virginity when he reached the mandap of his arranged marriage only to find that his to be bride has ran away with her boyfriend.

A wannabe stand up comedian Kamlesh (Anuj Chaudari) lands up as cook in the restaurant. On the same day Renu ( Gul Panag) is hired as a cashier on request of Pinu's friend. The two new recruits change the way restaurant used to work. Now GayLord is having food festivals, stand up nights, new interiors. Business is soaring and all three have become great friends now.
Confusion arises when Kamlesh lands a kiss on Pinu's lips after winning a lottery. Pinu now gets scared at the thought of being a gay. His foster brother Rajat (Siddhartha Makkar) gives him some cool advice like having a sexual romp with hot women. This leads to one funny incident over the other. There is dizziness, giddiness, fire in the house, blurred vision, inappropriate erection which is prolonged also. There are many comedy of events in which he tries to make sure he is not gay by trying to loose his virginity.

Gul Panag is adorable with her sweet role and she is looking stunning. Kamlesh the cook and standup comedian has done justice to his role and you will like him. Kamlesh character is very well written and if Vinay Pathak is the soul of the movie Kamlesh is the heart of movie. Vinay Pathak is making a mark of himself in doing very different roles, from irritating one in Bheja Fry to a quiet one in Dasvidaniya and now a role of a sexually confused male in straight. Rajat is good as well specially the punk a doodle do punk a doodle do act.

Movie has some superb dialogues and some very hilarious moments. Bollywood is getting braver day by day and we are swimming in untested water with ease. Straight has taken the gay concept in a meaningful way and the message is conveyed by sandwiching it between laughter and comedy.

I liked the movie and thoroughly enjoyed with my friends laughing out loud on Saturday morning. According to me the movie should have done a decent business, but couldn't probably because publicity was not done correctly. If you are targeting the multiplex audience and are short of budget you can always go for online marketing and other innovative ways of publicizing the movie.

Its really pity that movie flopped at the box office, please junta come out of regular dance masala love triangles types movies. Now we have got the directors who are brave enough to try untested waters but we are getting short of viewers to encourage the creativity.

Big movie critics have not given good ratings to this movie, maximum being 3 by Nikhat Kazmi. But I am sure my age group people will like the movie. Its a fresh movie with a new concept and is part of new wave of Indian Cinema.

Watch it and enjoy it :)