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Sunday, April 5, 2009

8 X 10 Tasveer

Here is my review of the latest movie released this week.

8*10 Tasveer

I went to watch this movie as it is directed by Nagesh Kukunoor of Hyderabad Blues and Iqbal fame and other reason was it had Akshay Kumar, who after a long time was coming in some action flick.

Akshay Kumar aka Jai Puri is a forest ranger working in EPS Environment Protection Service Canada. He lives separately from his parents, with his live in friend Aishya Takia (Sheila) because he is against his father Oil business.
Jai is possessing some supernatural powers using which he by looking into any photograph can actually go right away into that particular moment when it was actually shot. This power is very dangerous as he risks his life if he stays in the picture for a long time.

Jai's father dies in an accident which is termed as a natural death due to heart attack. But Happi Singh (Javed Jaffri) Happi with an I puts confusion in his mind that its not an accident but a cold blooded murder. Jai gets a picture shot just before his father death having four persons in it. Four character are his father, father younger brother, laywer ( girish karnad) , Adit ( business man). Jai starts search for his father killer by going into each character one by one and risking his life. Nobody believes him when he tells about his super power. How Jai is going to find the killer and what incidents he has to face while searching for the ultimate killer? You have to watch the movie....

Good Points:
  • First half of the movie
  • Beautiful scenic bacgrounds of the scenes shot in canada.
  • Performance of Akshay is different from what he got used to doing in his previous movies, i.e a funny innocent looking character. In this movie he is serious.
  • Few portions of Javed Jaffery role.
  • Decent music which is neither good not bad. Rap song in the end is great :)
Bad Points
  • Long Climax perhaps one of the longest stretching to almost 30 minutes.
  • Unconvincing reasoning of the climax which one is totally unable to digest.
  • Hardly any proper use of good actors like Girish Karnad and Sharmila Tagore.
  • When Akshay goes into the photograph repeatedly it gets boring
Movie is not that bad as many critics are pointing it. I would give 2/5 stars to it. Movie will make money as it will get the advantage of being the only multiplex release.