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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chaudhvin Ka Chand

Now I am starting the Guru Dutt festival. I am able to finally get hold of moser baer classic collection of guru dutt's 6 movies. We have watched so many bollywood and hollywood and other lauguages movies but we have not gone deep into golden age of bollywood i.e era of 50's and 60's. 

So here is the first one Chaudhavin ka Chand. Movie was super duper hit at that time. It came at a right time after Kagaz Ke Phool tanked at the box office and Guru Dutt lost some 17 lakhs in that movie. 17 lakhs is a gigantic amount in 60's.  It is one of the few films which is totally muslim centric i.e portraying the muslim culture.
Now a brief about the movie.  Its based in lucknow where Aslam (Guru Dutt), Pyare Nawab (Rehman), and Mirza Shaiza (Johnny Walker) are the best of friends. Pyare Nawab falls in deep love with one girl who he saws in market. She saw the same girl Jameela (Waheeda Rehman) during his sister's birthday bash and asks her maid Tun Tun to enquire about her. Tun Tun mistakenly thinks other girl to be Jameela and hence the misunderstanding starts.

Pyare's mother ask his son to marry a girl but since Pyare wants to marry Jameela, he asks his childhood friend Guru Dutt to marry her not knowing that she is the same girl Jameela. Aslam and Jameela get married and are enjoying the early days of their married life, but soon Aslam discovers that she is the same girl Pyare wants to get married to. Aslam is caught between his deep love for his wife and love to his friend Pyare to whom he is very much indebted as he has helped him since childhood.  You have to watch the movie to see how the love triangle will end ...

This is the movie which started the depiction of love triangles in bollywood movies. There after we have seen many movies based on love triangles whose base framework is same as in this movie. Wahida Rehman is looking stunning specially in the title song. I have watched that song 15-20 times now.  Song got the credit it deserved both lyricist Shakeel Badayuni and playback singer Mhd Rafi won the filmfare award for the song.

There are some loop holes in the script also the big one is communication between best friend. Even if Aslam was not able to communicate to Pyare he should have talked to Mirza (Liver).  I may have found it a loop hole as I have watched so many love traingles :). 
But if i go into the 60's I would surely have loved this movie.  

Watch this movie for seeing the love of Guru Dutt and Wahida Rehman. Some rustic comedy scenes by Johny Walker are great to watch . One can also watch it to understand and see how life was in 60's . See the movie for its treat to ear music.