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Monday, May 4, 2009

Requiem For A Dream(2000)

Movie :Requiem For A Dream
Genre :Drama
Director :Darren Aronofsky
Language :English
Duration :102 minutes
Starring : Jennifer Connelly, Jared Leto, Ellen Burstyn,
Marlon Wayans
IMDB Rank:64

Drugs, addiction, passion, pain, more, more, more, rewind. Have I completed what Darren Aronofsky wanted to say in requiem for a dream? Yes, I have. Period.

As per the tradition, we need to talk about the plot of the movie for a little while and as per habit I will use points to do the same:

1. Movie has 4 addicts to start with.
A. Old widow addicted of sugar and then diet pills.
B. Her young son Harry (Jared Leto), heroin addict.
C. His girlfriend Marion (Jennifer Connely), another heroin addict.
D. Tyrone (Marlon Wayans), Harry's friend and partner in crime.
2. As clear from point 1, it revolves around their addictions and their actions towards it.
3. That's all I must reveal story per se.

This movie is a dark and depressing painting, painted using bright colours and on a beautiful canvas. Aronofsky clearly draws a line in this movie and bifurcates it in two surprising contrasts. In the left half, he shows colours, bright ones, ones which are more conducive to get attraction. But the real essence of requiem lies on the right half when the colours begin to fade and darkness begins to capture the screen and more dominantly, the mind. It's one of those movies which hits you hard irrespective of your inclinations towards your temptations, irrespective your presumptions for drugs and irrespective of any form of insulation towards the universe.

The strongest character of the movie is played by Ellen Burstyn, who plays Sarah, an old woman who gets a chance to be on TV and in an attempt to look thinner and wear her old red dress, she starts taking diet pills. Followed by her insane urge towards the moment of her life, she gets hooked to these pills to a killer level. And hallucinations beckons. There are a couple of moments, specially the refrigerator one, that leave you gasping in disbelief.

Jennifer Connelly's work is as awe-inspiring as rest of her movies. She looks pretty, scary, desperate, addict. Pretty much like Ellen, the toughest and most amazing part is during the end. There are difficult acts of desperation and sexual extremity which she does with visible perfection. Jared Leto has to share the protagonist space with the two women discussed above, but he has the most visible screen space.

One word for the soundtracks - terrific. Summer overture has continued to haunt every single time since the first time it passed my ears. Again, one of the scores that stick with the fabric of the movie correctly end to end. The soundtracks are composed by Clint Mansell and performed by the Kronos Quartet.

Another notable thing about the movie is some specific sections:
1. The subtle zippppp drug taking scene, zips you away!
2. Refrigerator scene.
3. Visual Design, Camera Work.
4. TV shows.
5. Harry's arm and the injection.
6. The lift
7. The EYE, the EYE, the EYE.
8. Jennifer Gang Bang and the "Marion Barf's" and the summer overture.

Some of them find this movie too preachy, too depressing, too hyped, too gross. We continue to respect the UAAC, but Requiem is a class act, its a terrific movie with a straight face which to an extent tells A is A. And while we discuss this, I feel it's time for me to revisit the movie for at least one more time. Kudos Darren!