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Friday, May 29, 2009

Ramchand Pakistani (2008)

Movie- Ramchand Pakistani

Official Website - RP
Language- Urdu,Hindi
Country- Pakistan
Director-Mehreen Jabbar
Cast- Nandita Das, Shaood Alvi
Duration - 103 minutes
Tag Line - "He crossed one line and three lives changed for ever"

Here are we again transcending the Indian borders and moving to our neighboring contry Pakistan and reveiwing a innocent movie Ramchand Pakistani. This is the second movie reviewed by us in which a child is the main protagonist. First one was Iranian Children of Heaven

Great thing about the movie is, it is the first film from pakistan having hindus as main characters.

Its 2002 and after attack on Indian Parliament there are hostile conditions prevailing at India and Pakistan border.   Ramchand a 7 year old Hindu untouchable boy unmindfully crosses the line of control (LOC). His father follows him and both are held captive. Movie revolves around Ramchand, how he tries to cope with sudden and forced separation from his mother (Nandita Das), his country. They spend 5 years in prison and Ramchand's mother Champa fights the battle for her survival and prays for their return in Pakistan. This is not the story of only child but it talks about how many people from both the countries suffer in jail and their families wait for their return.

With this simple and straightforward story  the movie revolves around human bonding and evolving of Ramchand as he stays in jail for five long years. Film portrays the helplessness of the father and son in jail on one side and strong will power of mother to survive on the other side. Champa doesn't led anyone be sympathetic or pity her despite her situation. 

All the characters have given splendid performances but its the boy Ramchand who walks away with the glory. He converys poignancy and helplessness with ease. Love hate relationship of father and son is touching. The child has a pet bug which he plays with when he is angry, is likable. Another scene in which his father helps him in learning bicycle is beautifully captured. Ramchand shares a chatpata relationship with his child guard, the female warden. She detest him for being a untouchable but also grooms him. Scene in which warden ties a thread on his hand portrays the bond of motherly love that has developed between them.   

At times movie drags a bit . Nandita Das story of struggle and wait for her family could have been shortened. Prison guards are calm and prisoners accept their fate without ever complaining, this seems bit unrealistic but prehaps this is not what director wanted to show. She has portrayed human relationship in a perfect way.

Conclusion - Fine attempt with noteworthy performances , watch it for sure.